JJJJ Wee | Designer Profile

JJ Wee is the UK designer that artists go to for help and ideas to create or interpret their sculptural body cast pieces. She is master of her craft, continually honing her skills and experimenting with materials and finishes. Her confidence comes with hours of study and thought, and a genuine love for the art.


An engineer by training, JJ decided to explore the possibilities of body casting in the early 1990’s. The tactile process and finished product appealed to her creative side, but the course was too expensive so she put it on hold. After the birth of her second child and desiring to work from home, JJ decided to research the material again and bought the raw materials in bulk. Self taught and not afraid to experiment, she delighted in making casts of her sons’ hands & feet.


This success led to her first orders for baby and children’s hands and feet. “I love sharing in people’s reactions when the work is done and the clients appreciate this keepsake of a treasured time. I get a thrill when clients return to immortalize another period in their children’s growth, or request an order that includes the extended family.”

Her portfolio grew to include family groupings with grandparents, wedding and anniversary hands, and life size body casting.


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For moulding & casting of other parts of the body, JJ personally meets to discuss the process beforehand, and attends to all life size body moulding. She has expertly and confidentially done mouldings & casts of face & shoulders, pregnant bellies, petite & full breasts, muscled abs, limbs and backs.


Requests are varied and extend beyond personal collections. Several clients order pieces for display in boardrooms, and as achievement or appreciation gifts of long service. These finished body casts are realistic and capture skin texture, scars and moles. Word of her skill and easy approach reached The Discovery Channel UK when they needed a body cast sculptor for one of their TV productions.

All materials used for moulding are safe to use with babies, with JJ adding, “I source and use the best products and finishes so this investment can be passed on and cherished for many years. It really is a piece of art.”  Raw materials are imported from the UK & Europe, and only the best quality is used.


B&G LifeCasting offers true 3-D casts of hands and feet for the baby, child and family market. Our staff are carefully selected and taught by JJ, to maintain a high level of expertise, professionalism and service.


If you would like a special cast made, please Whatsapp +65 9386 3178 to make an appointment for a free consultation with JJ.