How it works

Thank you for considering to purchase a B&G Lifecasting package.  To help you understand what happens when you make a purchase, we have summarised the procedure below:

  1. Once we have received your order we will contact you for an appointment to take your baby’s mouldings. If you don’t hear from us within 2 weeks of your purchase, please drop us an email to


  1. If the mouldings have already been taken at the point of order either at the hospital or other locations, please forward us the photograph of your baby you wish to use in the frame. You will also need to let us have the text you wish to include in the artwork.


  1. If you don’t have a photo available, we can arrange for a complimentary photo shoot at our very own Big Shot Photo studio situated in KKH and Mt Alvernia Hospitals. Please just contact us to make an appointment for the photo shoot. The mouldings can also be taken when you come for the photo shoot.


  1. At the photo shoot, a few photos will be taken and you may select 1 photo for the artwork of the frame. You will also need to provide the text to be printed. Please note that this is a complimentary photo shoot and no printout nor soft copy will  be given. You may purchase photos taken during the shoot by informing the photographer of your intention. More photos will then be taken for your selection.


  1. You will receive the draft artwork within 3 weeks of your photo selection or providing us with your photo. Kindly check for correctness of all information in the artwork. You may also request for changes to be made to the draft or approve of the artwork if it is to your satisfaction. Once your approval is given, no more changes can be made and we will send the artwork for printing. A charge of $50 will apply if changes are required AFTER your approval is given for the artwork.


  1. Once we received your approval for the artwork, we will complete the assembly of the frame within 3 weeks or less. You will be informed of collection once your frame is done.


  1. You may collect your frame from either of our studios at KKH and Mt Alvernia Hospitals. Other venues may be available from time to time.


  1. As an added service to our customers, we can help to arrange for courier delivery of your frame. The courier fee is $15 and you may pay the courier directly when they make the delivery.