Creating Forever Memories

About Us

Those little hands and feet are so perfectand you can just spend hours staring at them, holding andcuddling them. You wish there is a way that they will stay small and tiny forever. But our childrengrow up so quickly, especially in our hectic lives, that when you turn around they would have growninto toddlers and children. All in the blink of an eye!

B&G is the premiere 3D Lifecasting company in Singapore, andwespecialise in the creation of suchkeepsakes that will help you capture that special moment you share with your baby. Be it the first,second, or third child, B&G’s craftsmen are able to recreate that moment when your baby is at hisbest,and immortalise that moment in their true 3D lifecasts which are then mounted onto frameswith your baby’s picture and your personal texts and language. Fret not if you do not have a pictureto use. B&G provides a complimentary photograph service via their very own photo studio, BigShotPhotostudio, which will take your baby’s picture to be used on the frame.

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